What have you compromised with your out-of-the box solution?


Can you customize your data entry grid in your current application to show all your cost and resource data? Would an easy-to-update central module for all your task data be helpful for your company? The Status module delivers expert spreadsheet-style tracking capabilities that even a novice can handle.

After some beta testing with a few select clients, the overall consensuses was that there needs to be place where a user could have a simple step screen to start collecting status information for start and finish dates for activities.  Users simply log in, select their tasks, and update the actual start and finish dates.  No more sending pdf files back and forth hoping to get a reply.  Now users with the most information can enter that directly into P6…without having to be a scheduler!

Originally this module was created as an add-on for Primavera P6 users, but we found that there is so much more potential for this module. This feature has now become a part of the ProjectStatus package to show the capabilities of our development team.  If you need a software integration to simplify importing or exporting financial, cost, database, or project management data but don’t have the time or money to send a whole team to training, this is your answer.